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Sloan-C here I Come…No, wait, I already came! #et4online


So… I signed up to attend the Sloan-C #et4online conference – virtually. That’s because I can’t travel too often with a young child in tow, and I really didn’t want to miss out on this amazing lineup! As I said before – first time I attend an international conference where I really know a few of the people. And at least know of quite a few of the others.

So there I was tweeting occasionally using the hashtag to see who else I know who is going – and lo and behold, two #rhizo14ers will be there (well Rebecca is presenting; Ashley attending virtually like me).

So I was signing up for events and I found the keynote and a workshop by the Jim Groom , so I thought I’d follow him on twitter… he followed me back (nice guy) and so I tweeted to him and got this reply:

The resulting activity yesterday was so much fun. Late night his time and early morning my time he sent me a link to reclaimdemo – a place where I could experiment as if I had my own domain… and I did! I blogged about it right there on my “new” wordpress blog on the reclaim demo thing itself (yes, that’s meta-cognition or meta-something for you) – and then based on responses to some of the questions I blogged about, I managed today to install the plugins for sharing onto my new blog. Cool 🙂

Jim seems to have gotten pretty excited because he wrote this:

And earlier, he had written this (which got me in touch with a couple of other really interesting folks on twitter  who were “listening in” – I love it when that happens on twitter):

So… long story short: I started the conference before it started. And that is what is soooo cool about online. Social media empowering the semi-privileged indeed 🙂

What may not be as cool, though, is what will happen given I’m more of an asynchronous person:

1. Time zone difference: 8:30 am Dallas = 3:30 pm Cairo = toddler back from daycare = noise, distraction, etc.

2. Cairo these days gets a lot of electrical cuts, especially later on in the day. I’ve got 3G on m iPad but that’s not too reliable, or fast, and did not work too well y/day while trying to do the reclaim demo thing…

So… fingers crossed I can participate anyway 🙂 otherwise, recordings will have to do. Will wait and see.


Author: Maha Bali

Associate professor of practice, American University in Cairo

9 thoughts on “Sloan-C here I Come…No, wait, I already came! #et4online

  1. You really must tell him you’re called Maha! So why has he got you to install Moodle? If you move this blog over to a hosted one, what happens to all your followers? Can you move them as well? (Commenting here so that the comments don’t get lost if you lose the other blog).

    • Haha i told him about the Maha thing. Happens all the time. I am not actually planning to move soon but apparently there is some simple import/export thing that i assume takes more than just blog content but also settings, followers, comments, etc. or i could just redirect to here? Not sure yet! He said he’d answer more in workshop

    • oh and about the Moodle… he didn’t ask me to install it, I was just playing around … long story 😉 he’s got a long list of diff softwares that are can be installed but only manuals for a few… I wanted to go beyond wordpress since I already know that one (but had never installed it)

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  3. I have Moodle on a virtual server, but I tend to just use our live ones to play. Moodle.org is good in parts, and feel free to ask me if you want.

    I keep thinking about my own domain. Hmm

  4. So, anyway, I have now decided I want my own domain. What are Jim’s suggestions? I’m thinking I’ll buy a domain name and get the husband to put it onto his server, then I can set up my WordPress blog and export/import, is that what he is suggesting? (haha, I’m asking you to do my homework).

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