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Q&A with @DaveCormier for @JPDUoB


I am conducting an interview with Dave Cormier for the Journal of Pedagogic Development , an open access journal on whose editorial board I currently serve. The focus of the interview is rhizomatic learning and rhizo14, the recent open online course he facilitated.
We’ve already had a few exchanges and I have a draft interview ready, but I thought it might be interesting to also “crowdsource” some interview questions: give anyone online the chance to ask

Dave questions, with the possibility of these questions being answered by Dave on a hangout, or in the text of the interview.

How do I propose to do this? Three possible ways:

1. Pose question as a comment on this blog post (deadline April 24 at 6pm EST)
2. Pose a question on Twitter, using the Twitter handle for the journal @jpduob (or hashtag #askjpd)
3. Retweet or favorite other people’s questions that you would like answered to let Dave and I know you’d like them prioritized

What happens after questions have been posed?

1. I will produce a storify of all the questions, attributing the person asking the questions
2. Dave will select some of the questions and answer them on video. I have given him freedom to choose which questions to answer. This will take place Friday April 25 10am Atlantic time (=9am EST =1pm GMT) on a Google Hangout hosted by Dave, and facilitated by me.
3. I will take some of these questions/answers and include them in the text of the interview that will be published in an upcoming issue of JPD. Let me know if you’d like to get a link to the published interview

special thanks to Sarah Honeychurch for agreeing to be my backup in case I have connectivity issues on the day.


Author: Maha Bali

Associate professor of practice, American University in Cairo

7 thoughts on “Q&A with @DaveCormier for @JPDUoB

  1. Hi Maha! Wow – this looks great – and if I do not have connectivity issues of my own – I would love to watch the Hangout on Friday (13.00 GMT – which I think is 14.00 BST). I won’t be able to join in via Twitter cos i still cannot access my Twitter account post-Heartbleed 😦 (which is very annoying on so many fronts!!) – but all good luck to you and this venture. Best, Sandra

  2. Hi Maha.

    Sounds great! I like the idea 😉
    Some questions:
    Why is important the assessment in rhizomatic learning?
    How assess if the participation of a student is effectively in his community?
    How the students (adults) can improve the strategies to reflect?

    Please, I would like to get a link to the published interview.

    Good luck tomorrow with Dave! 🙂

    All the best.

  3. hi Jose, assessment is an important aspect of learning and definitely a good question to ask, thanks for posing it. Just so you know, the link to the final article will appear both on the JPD website: http://www.beds.ac.uk/jpd – and also I’ll post it on my new blog (I was using this old one just because my new one was having technical issues y/day) – I noticed you started following me “here”, but now I’ am mostly “there” – at http://blog.mahabali.me/blog

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