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Annotated resources on empathy


I found two good videos about empathy on YouTube (both by RSA)

This first is Jeremy Rifkin describing empathy as a biological imperative, one that evolves with the human condition and which comes from the human drive to “belong” (incidentally, primates elephants, and possibly also dolphins and dogs display empathy). I also like how it ties empathy with sustainability at the end!

The second is a great one that shows the difference between sympathy and empathy – I will let the video speak for itself.

Both of the above come from RSA.org

I’ll post more resources as I go along. I know there are some TED Talks out there worth checking out. I think these resources could be interesting to use as conversation starters about empathy


Author: Maha Bali

Associate professor of practice, American University in Cairo

2 thoughts on “Annotated resources on empathy

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